Light green slate, everest green slate

Variety: SlateTo view Roofing slate or Flooring slate

  • Color No.: lighe green slate
  • Color: Light green, or everest green
  • Hardness: Very hard
  • Main Market: Floor, paving and ledgestone for world
  • Output: 5 containers each month
  • Use for roofing: N/A
  • Use for flooring: Available
  • Use for random: Available
  • Use for ledgestone (cultural stone): Available
  • Available shapes: Flooring slate in square, rectangle, random; Wall wladding in ledgestone, tiles.
  • Description: , Flooring slatre typical of dimension are 300x300x10-12, 400x400x10-12, 600x300x12-15, 600x400x12-
  • 15mm with calibrated, hot selling in the world; Max size is 600X600x20mm slab.
  • Random paving slate for patio, garden, path, swaming pool, walkway, driveway.
  • Ledgestone is main variety of green color wall cladding

Flooring slate pictures