Multicolor, autumn rose slate

Variety: SlateTo view Roofing slate or Flooring slate

  • Color No.: WEI-980
  • Color: Multicolor (Autumn rose)
  • Hardness: Hard or middle
  • Main Market: Roof for west of America, floor for world
  • Output: 20 containers each month
  • Use for roofing: Available
  • Use for flooring: Available
  • Use for random: Available
  • Use for ledgestone (cultural stone): Available
  • Available shapes: Roofing slate in square, rectangle, random; flooring slate in square, rectangle.
  • Description: Roofing slates is more popular in West Coast of USA, as well as whole America, typical of dimension are
  • 400x250x7-10, 400x200x7-10 and 400x300x7-10, name as 400 x random(American standard 16' x random), Westone only
  • select hard roofing slates to supply, so our multicolor roofing slate is hot selling in America.
  • Flooring slate have very beautiful and multi color , the thickness of tiles usually is 12-15mm calibrated by rough polished,
  • it can be also paving stone if thickness is about 15-25mm, random crazy slate slab also be available.
  • Multicolor ledegstone is most popular in whole ledge stones.

Roofing slate pictures

Flooring slate pictures

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